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Before formulating your investment strategy, you should understand more about your own investment objectives, risk tolerance level and individual financial needs. This questionnaire will help you analyse your specific investment attitude based on your personal investment goal, risk tolerance level, investment horizon, liquidity needs and financial strength.

1) What is your current age (years)?
2) How many people are you currently supporting (including parents, spouse and offspring etc.)?
3) Do you own any private property?

4) How would you portray yourself as an investor?

5) Will you accept higher risk in order to achieve higher return potential?
6) Which of the following return objectives most closely reflect your personal investment goal? (Remember: the higher the return, the higher the risk)

7) What investment tenor is most suitable for your financial needs?
8) Investment involves risk and your asset value can go up or down. What is your acceptable level of volatility tolerance?

9) If you want to make a lump sum investment now, what is the maximum amount you are willing to invest?
10) How confident are you in your ability to make sound financial decisions?
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