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Cinda International Holdings Limited (“Cinda International”, stock code: 111) is a financial institution. Cinda International is indirectly controlled by Cinda Securities Co., Ltd. which is a 78.67% non-wholly-owned subsidiary of China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd. (“China Cinda”).


The predecessor of China Cinda is China Cinda Asset Management Corporation which was established in April 1999, was approved by the State Council as the first financial asset management institution in China. In June 2010, China Cinda Asset Management Corporation reformed as a joint stock limited company. In December 2013, China Cinda listed its “H” shares on the Main Board of The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 01359) which was the first Chinese financial asset management company to land the international capital market. China Cinda has 33 branches (including Hefei Operation Support Center) and subsidiaries as platforms for providing distressed asset management and financial services, including Nanyang Commercial Bank, Limited, Cinda Securities Co., Ltd., China Jingu International Trust Co., Ltd., Cinda Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Cinda Investment Co., Ltd, China Cinda (HK) Holdings Company Limited and Zhongrun Economic Development Co., Ltd. China Cinda, with distressed asset management as its core business, focuses on investment in problematic assets and corporate rescue, and mitigates the risk of distressed asset of financial institutions and corporate entities.


Cinda International is playing an important role in the diversification and internationalization development of China Cinda. Supported by the strong background of China Cinda, Cinda International will continue to improve the quality of its all-round services so as to strengthen its market position. Cinda International strives to increase the synergy effect among its business units with its parent company and expanding into new development.


To meet the needs of individuals, corporates, enterprises and institutional customers, services provided by Cinda International cover asset management, corporate financing, corporate financial advisory, bonds issuance and underwriting, securities trading, commodity and futures trading. After some years of development, Cinda International now manages different types of funds and investment. The corporate financing division lead and participated in a number of sponsor and underwriting projects and it also acted as financial advisor and independent financial advisor for many listed companies. The brokerage division was licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission to carry out the business of securities dealing and futures and commodities dealing and it also holds the licence issued by China Securities Regulatory Commission to deal with China B shares. The scope of business covers world’s major securities market and futures market.


Cinda International is the member of The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, Chinese Securities Association of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Securities Institute, Employers’ Federation of Hong Kong, The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies and Hong Kong Stockbrokers Association Limited. Environmental Campaign Committee comprising Environmental Protection Department awarded Cinda International the “Servicing and Trading - Certificate of Merit” under the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence for consecutive years since 2008 and the 10th Anniversary Special Award in 2018, and awarded the Caring Company Logo” from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for consecutive years since 2006, and awarded the 2022 Hong Kong Volunteer Award – Corporate (Volunteer Hours) Top Ten Highest Hours Award Certificate in 2022.