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Cyber Security Tips

Customers should read our Group’s cyber security and privacy tips from time to time to ensure that adequate and appropriate measures have been taken to safeguard your account and personal information.

General Computer/Mobile Device Security Tips

  • Regularly install the latest security updates and patches for your operating system and browser to ensure proper operation

  • Setup a personal firewall to protect your computer from potential hackers

  • Install anti-virus software, keep update virus signatures and perform virus scanning regularly

  • Install anti-spyware software to prevent a third party from taking control of your computer and collect your personal information

  • Never download or install freeware into your computer and click the attachments or hyperlink in an email or SMS from an unknown sender to prevent hacker or computer viruses from stealing your personal information

  • Disable any wireless network functions (e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC) that are not in use. Choose encrypted networks when using Wi-Fi and remove any unnecessary Wi-Fi connection settings
  • Always backup the important data to an external hard disk or CD/DVD

  • Wipe data on your old mobile handset before you donate, resell or recycle it

Online Trading Security Tips

  • Please be reminded to be vigilant of any fraudulent websites and emails that seek to pass off as our Group’s website

  • Don't use shared computer, public Wi-Fi or unknown and insecure network connection to access your online trading account

  • Don't share with other people your computer or mobile device used to access to your online trading account

  • Never use any jailbreak or rooted mobile device to logon and use our online trading service

  • Beware of any unusual login screen or process on the website or mobile application (e.g. a suspicious pop-up window or a request for providing additional personal information) and whether anyone is trying to peek at your password. Please do not enter account numbers or passwords if suspicion is noted

  • Don't log in your online trading account when there are unusual pop-up screen or window, or abnormal slow computer response, and when unexpected steps like login information are required

  • Never disclose your logon IDs and passwords or OTP to any person under any circumstances and do not respond to any unverified requests. Our Group would never contact you for your online trading account number and password through email, phone or SMS. Always check with our Group when in doubt.

  • Don't store your password in computers, mobile phones or placed in plain sight, and don't use a single password for all your online trading accounts, email and bank accounts

  • Set up a strong password, use at least 8 characters, a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols for your password. Avoid using names, identification document numbers, date of birth or phone numbers etc. as password

  • Change your passwords regularly, e.g. at least every 3 months

  • Please be alert to prevent fraudulent groups from obtaining your personal information and online trading account login information through fake voice message calls, mobile phone SMS, instant messages or email

  • Logoff our online trading service system after use and close the browser or mobile application afterwards to avoid unauthorized usage of your online trading account

The official website of Cinda International is If you suspect that the login website is not the official website of our Group or find that the login information of the online trading account has been lost, stolen or used without authorization, please contact our Group’s Customer Service Department at (852) 2235-7789 (Hong Kong) or (86) 400-1200-311 (Mainland China) immediately.

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