Mainland China Hotline:400-1200-311 (Securities) 400-1200-366 (Futures)
HK Hotline : +852 2235-7789 Email :
Complaint Handling Procedures

Complaint Channels

If you wish to lodge a complaint on our services, you may use the following channels:

(1) Call our customer services hotline at:
  Hong Kong
  +852 2235 7789
  Mainland China
  400-1200-311 (Securities)
  400-1200-366 (Futures)
(3) Send a written letter to “45th Floor, COSCO Tower, 183 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

If you write to us, you should outline the facts of your case, your concerns, your requests, your suggestions and how we may contact you. If you call us via our customer services hotline, our customer services representative will ask you to provide us with information as detailed as possible, so we can review the matter quickly.

The Processing Time of Complaint

  • (1) In general, an acknowledgement of complaint will be issued to the complainant within 7 days of the day of receipt and we will commence the investigation.
  • (2) A “Final Response” will be issued to the complainant within 2 months after receiving the complaint. The Final Response shall include responding to the client’s enquiries in relation to the complaint, the investigation results of the complaint and the action to be taken by us.

If you are not satisfied with the investigation result, you may consider providing your feedback to us through the above-mentioned channels or seeking further assistance from the Financial Dispute Resolution Centre (“FDRC”).