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公司管治Corporate Social Responsibility

Board of Directors

Executive Directors Independent Non-executive Directors
Zhang Yi
Xia Zhidong
Zhang Xunyuan
(Chief Executive Officer)
Liu Xiaofeng
Yan Qizhong
(Chief Financial Officer)
Zheng Minggao


Board Committees

Audit Committee Remuneration Committee Nomination Committee
Xia Zhidong (Chairman) Xia Zhidong (Chairman) Zhang Yi (Chairman)
Liu Xiaofeng Liu Xiaofeng Xia Zhidong
Zheng Minggao Zheng Minggao Liu Xiaofeng
Terms of Reference Terms of Reference Terms of Reference


Constitutional Document

(i) Memorandum of Association

(ii) Amended and Restated Bye-laws


Shareholders Communication

Shareholders communication policy

Procedure for shareholders to propose a person for election as a director

Dissemination of Corporate Communications


For shareholder's enquiry

Company Secretary

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