Mainland China Hotline:400-1200-311 (Securities) 400-1200-366 (Futures)
HK Hotline : +852 2235-7789 Email :

Please beware of counterfeit website, WeChat account, social media, Internet platform, bank account, scam call or message, etc. of our Group (collectively named “Media”). Moreover, please also beware of swindlers claiming to be our Group representatives (“Representatives”) and distributing forged business cards or other means for solicitation.


Our Group hereby alerts its customers and members of the public to be cautious of counterfeit websites impersonating our group. These counterfeit websites may carry information similar to our group, such as English and Chinese names, office addresses, etc. Our Group would like to declare that our Group, including but not limited to Cinda International Securities Limited, Cinda International Futures Limited, Cinda International Asset Management Limited, Cinda International Capital Limited and Cinda International Research Limited, do not have any direct or indirect relationship with these counterfeit websites.


If you are in doubt, please do not disclose any personal information, record the Media and/or the Representatives’ contact details and liaise with us for verification or call the police.


Official website of our Group is Please feel free to contact us by phone or by email.
Hong Kong hotline: (852)2235 7789, Mainland China hotline: 400 1200 311 / 400 1200 366, email address: