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社會企業責任Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Citizenship

As a good corporate citizen, Cinda International assumes its corporate social responsibility amid providing high quality products and services to its customers over the past years. The Group and its employees are always keen on public welfare and social activities in various philanthropic events to support the disadvantaged. Cinda International established a volunteer team and encouraged its employees to proactively participate in voluntary work to reciprocate the society. Cinda International partakes in wide range of social responsibility activities including cultural education, environmental protection and charitable donations etc.



“Caring Company” and “CSR” Scheme

To show its care to the community and to practicing corporate citizen responsibility, Cinda International strives in organizing and actively participating in various social welfare activities and its achievements were widely recognized by the society. The Group has actively participated in The Caring Company Scheme since 2006, and was awarded the 15 Years Plus “Caring Company Logo” from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service in 2021. The award admired the efforts contributed by the Group in the three areas – “Caring for the Community”, “Caring for the Employees” and “Caring for the Environment” which practiced the spirit of good corporate citizenship.


Environmental Protection

Cinda International strives to put forward environmental conservation and encourages its staff to practicing low carbon lifestyle. Cinda International actively implemented relevant environmental policy and office environmental measure, and at the same time, organized/participated in various green events including “Earth Hour”, “World Environment Day”, “Ricoh Eco Action Day”, “Community Chest Green Day” and organized different types of environmental workshops etc.


To praise the Group’s efforts on environmental protection and green management, the Environmental Campaign Committee alongside the Environmental Protection Department and other nine organizations awarded Cinda International the “Sectorial Awards of Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence – Servicing and Trading Sector (Certificate of Merit)” consecutively since 2008 and recognised Cinda International as a Hong Kong Green Organisation. The awards admired the continuous outstanding performance on environmental protection taken by the Group.


Besides, Cinda International was firstly awarded the “HSBC Living Business” 2014 Green Achievement Award (Certificate of Merit)” in 2015, and thereafter, awarded 2015 Green Achievement Award (Certificate of Excellence) and Caring for People Award (Certificate of Merit); both 2016 and 2017 Green Achievement Award (Certificate of Merit), Caring for People Award (Certificate of Merit) and Community Engagement Award (Certificate of Merit); and HSBC Living Business ESG Awards 2018 (Certificate of Merit) and HSBC Living Business Awards 2018 (Long Term Participation). This award aims to appreciate small and medium enterprises to become more competitive and productive by incorporating socially and environmentally sustainable practices into their business operations. These awards recognized the Group’s effort on sustainability development.