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Client can trade bonds in secondary markets through cash securities account maintained with Cinda International:  
1. Bonds in RMB, HKD and USD issued by national/regional governments, e.g. Chinese Government Bonds , US Treasury Bonds, Brazil Government bonds, etc.
2. Fixed rate or floating rate bonds in RMB, HKD and USD issued by Financial Institutions, e.g. bonds issued by Bank of China, Bank of East Asia, etc.
3. Fixed-rate or Floating-rate bonds in RMB, HKD and USD issued by global listed companies, e.g. bonds issued by Alibaba , Evergrande etc.


Bonds Trading Procedures

1. Clients open a cash securities account with Cinda International and deposit sufficient funds in the account.
2. Clients call Cinda International (Mainland China Hotline:400-1200-311, HK Hotline +852 2235-7789) or email to for enquiring bond prices.  
3. Cinda International’s dealers call back the clients and provide bond price quotation.  Dealers place orders for clients.
4. After order execution, dealers will call clients and confirm the order with clients on that trade day.
5. Available cash balance will be deducted in the account at day end after the buy transaction for bond being executed. Bonds transactions will be settled on T+2 or T+3 and bonds will be deposited into the securities account on the settlement day.  Bonds in the account will be frozen at day end after the sell transaction for bond being executed. Settlement day will be on T+2 or T+3 and funds will be deposited into the securities account on the settlement day.
6. Clients can enquire bonds transaction, settlement and holding through logging in the electronic trading platforms ( only support web trading platform and mobile APP trading platform ) or by checking statement.
7. Clients could conduct trading after transfering bonds to the account in Cinda International. Settlement instruction is the same as securities transfer, generally processing time is around 1 week but will vary depends on actual situation.


Bond Investment Example

One investor bought bonds with face value of USD100,000 of Company A with a price of 105.13 per unit (bonds with face value of USD100 as one unit) on April 26, 2016.  The bonds have a coupon rate of 8.625% with interest distributed annually, and the maturity date is January 24, 2019.  The brokerage commission is 0.4% on transaction amount per order.  The final settlement amount of this transaction would be the total of:
1. Transaction amount of the bonds: USD100,000 × 1.0515=USD105,150
2. Brokerage commission payable: US$100,000×(105.15/100) ×0.4%=USD420.60
3. Accrued interest payable for 94 days from the last interest payment date (January 23, 2016) to the transaction date (April 26, 2016) : 8.625%×(94/365)×USD100,000=USD2,221.23
Total amount payable by client for buying the bonds: USD105,150+ USD420.6+ USD2,221.23= USD107,791.83
Interest received by client per year : USD100,000×8.625%=USD8,625 (excluding other handling charges) 



1. Clients of Cinda International can only conduct bonds trading in their cash securities accounts. Trading of bonds is not available in margin securities account. 
2. Cinda International does not offer global bonds margin financing services.  
3. There must be sufficient funds or bond holdings before conducting bonds trading.  In general, bonds are settled in HKD, RMB or USD. If the funds in clients’ accounts are in a currency different from the bonds settlement currency, Cinda International will use the prevailing market rates offered by the Bank to convert different currencies.
4. Unless there is any special announcement, Cinda International only provides bonds trading in secondary market, and do not offer bond subscription service in primary market. 



Relevant Charges for Bonds Trading

Brokerage Commission

0.4% on transaction amount per order in relevant currency

Custody Fee

0.025% on total face value per month of (min HKD50 per month)

Bonds Transfer (Transfer In)

 HKD200 per order

Bonds Transfer (Transfer Out)

HKD300 per order

Coupon-handling charge


Redemption-Handling Charge