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  • Notes on Trading Stock Options
    • Holder of call / put option long position (buyer): please pay attention to the market price of stocks and to decide whether to exercise their right to execute options contracts. Instruction to exercise the stock options should be made before 16:30 on each trading day.
    • Holder of call / put options short position (seller): If the options are exercised, the seller needs to prepare the related stocks or funds for settlement.
    • Stock options is settled in the physical delivery of stock.
    • On stock options expiration date, if the price of “In the Money” stock options is within 1.5% or more, the options will be automatically exercised and the exchange will charge additional fee. Other types of options are considered “Out of The Money” stock options, which will be canceled.

  • Stock Options Trading Fee and Commissions

    Trading Charges and Commissions of stock options





    0.2% - 0.5%

    Min $80.00

    Trading Tariff

    HK$3.00 per contract(Tier 1)
    HK$1.00 per contract(Tier 2))
    HK$0.50 per contract(Tier 3)

    HK Exchange charge

    Exercise Fee

    HK $2.00 per contract

    Amendment Exercise Instruction

    $3.00 per Contract


    Other Instruction

    $5.00 per Contract


    Assignment/Exercise Brokerage

    Transaction value *0.25%

    Min $80.00

    Stamp Duty

    $1.00 per $1,000.00 on transaction value

    Value rounded up to the nearest dollars

    Stock Exchange Trading Fee
    SFC Transaction Levy

    Transaction value *0.005%
    Transaction value *0.0027%

    Both seller and buyer need to pay

    Clearing Fee

    Transaction value *0.003%

    Min $2.00

    Cover Call Option

    @0.005% on value at previous trading day

    Min $20.00
    Max $200.00

    Minimum Margin Requirement



    *For other charges please refer to Schedule of Charges for trading of securities

  • The List of Stock Option Classes Available for Trading
    The List of Stock Option Classes Available for Trading, please refer to the HKEx.
    The List of Stock Option Classes Available for Trading
  • Client Margin Estimate Reference Table
    HKEx provisions of the stock option margin requirements
    Stock Options Minimum Margin Table