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“Green Trail” Countryside Cleanup Activity

03-07-2020 12:00 HKT

Cinda International always emphases on environmental protection and care for employees’ physical and mental health. This year, Cinda International has defined the theme of environmental protection to be “Green and Health Life” with a hope that employee can have a better understanding of environmental conservation. To be in line with theme, our group organized an activity named “Green Trail” countryside Cleanup Activity on 20 June 2020, hoping that through the outdoor event, the employees can pay more attention on the importance of sustainable development and at the same time, let them to temporarily stay away from the hustle and bustle, relax from the stressful everyday life.


The location of the event of “Green Trail” countryside cleanup activity is the Shing Mun Reservoir - Pineapple Dom Nature Trail, there were 20 employees participated in this event, including the Group’s management and employees at all levels.  In the morning, the participants went to the Pineapple Dam Nature Trail to hike and clean up the waste while enjoying the natural scenery and understanding the destruction and impact of man-made waste on the natural environment, thereby understood the importance of protecting the environment. Participants enjoyed a vegetarian lunch after the event.


Cinda International cares for the environment and cherish their employees, and will continue to organize various activities to put forward the environmental protection together with the employees.

Shing Mun Reservoir – Pineapple Dom Nature Trail.
The management and employees of Cinda International took a group photo for memory.
Management participated in the countryside cleanup activity.
Participants were distributed the material for clean up the waste.
Participants are actively clean up the waste.
A total of 20 participants including Cinda International’s management and employees took a photo for memory after clean up the waste.