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Cinda International “Caring For Elderly Event 2014”

19-09-2014 06:03 HKT

Cinda International visits the elderly annually and in this year, the visit was arranged before the Mid-autumn Festival which named ‘Value among people to greeting for Mid-autumn Festival’. The target was 80 elderly. In the morning of the event day, a team of 17 volunteers which includes the senior management of Cinda International visited the elderly in Wan Chai Methodist Centre For The Seniors. The volunteers presented gift bags to the elderly and played games with them to bring them care and love, and the joy of the festival.


Mr. Dickson Lau and Ms. Static Lau, the Deputy General Managers of Cinda International have participated the event. The event began with simple counting game and followed by other games such as ‘solitaire game’, environmental game ‘the buyer’ etc. The volunteers took this opportunity to remind the elderly to cherish the resources and explain to them how to use the natural methods to drive out their home’s insects, how to distinguish different kinds of plastic materials etc, and reminded them not to use the ordinary plastic bottle to contain hot water for drinking. Moreover, the Deputy General Manager, Ms. Static Lau performed the magic show to celebrate the festival. The elderly played happily and enjoyed so much with the volunteers. Before the end of the event, Cinda International served light refreshment to the elderly. At last, the volunteers distributed the gift bags to each elderly and took a group photo with them for memory. The event ended cheerfully.


The volunteers of Cinda International practice actively and help those who needs. To contribute to the society, Cinda International will continue to organize various CSR activities in future.

A group photo was taken for memory (the 4th from the right at the first row of the photo is Mr. Dickson Lau; the 5th from the left at the first row is Ms. Static Lau, both the Deputy General Managers of Cinda International).
The representative of Wan Chai Methodist Centre For the Seniors presented the certificate of appreciation to Cinda International and Mr. Dickson Lau and Ms. Static Lau received it on behalf of Cinda International.
Ms. Static Lau performed the magic show and brings cheer to the elderly.
In the session of environmental game ‘the buyer’, the elderly from each team presented three stuffs and explained why these stuffs are the environmental products.
The volunteer distributed the light refreshment to the elderly.
The volunteers and the elderly totally about 100 persons took a group photo for memory.