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Cinda International Received the Environmental Award

09-05-2014 10:30 HKT

Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence (HKAEE) organized by Environmental Campaign Committee, Environmental Protection Department and other nine organizations, has strode into its seventh year since 2008. A total of 44 environmental conservation awards including ‘Sectoral Awards’ and ‘Green Innovations Award’ and over a hundred merit awards were presented to the green corporations and organizations. Cinda International was one amongst them. HKAEE is recognized by the community as one of the most prestigious and reputable awards in Hong Kong. HKAEE proclaims five types of recognition, they are ‘Environmental Labels’, ‘Carbon Less Certificate’, ‘Sectoral Awards’, ‘Green Innovations Award’ and ‘Green Organisation Labels’. The assessment criteria for Sectoral Awards are based on “Green Leadership”, “Programme and Performance” and “Partner Synergy”. The aim of ‘Sectoral Awards’ is to encourage businesses and organizations to adopt green management and benchmark their commitments towards best practices within their sectors.


Cinda International perseveres with its outstanding performance in previous years, and has been awarded the ‘Sectoral Awards – Financial, Legal and Business Consulting Services (Certificate of Merit)’ for consecutive sixth years and was automatically qualified to be granted the Green Organisation Label (which was newly launched in 2014). Cinda International is the only awardee with PRC background in the sector this year.


The 2013 HKAEE Awards Presentation Ceremony was held on 2 May 2014 at the New Wing of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Mr. Lam Chiu Ying, Chairman of the Environmental Campaign Committee and Mr. Wong Kam Sing, the Secretary for the Environment, officiated the ceremony. Mr. Zhao Hongwei, the Managing Director, received the award on behalf of Cinda International.

The officiating guests chaired the launching ceremony.
Mr. Stanley Wong Cho Hang of the Sustainable Development Sub-Committee Chairman and Committee Member of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, presented the award of ‘Sectoral Awards – Financial, Legal and Business Consulting Services (Certificate of Merit)’ to the representatives of the awarded organizations. The 4th from the right is Mr. Zhao Hongwei, the Managing Director of Cinda International.