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Cinda International "Caring for Elderly Event 2023"

27-06-2023 12:00 HKT

Cinda International was once again organizing the  "Caring for Elderly Event" ahead of the Dragon Boat Festival. On 10 June 2023, Mr. Lau Mun Chung, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Cinda International, led a team of 15 volunteers to visit the Wan Chai Methodist Centre for the Seniors and spent a delightful morning with 40 seniors.


Themed "Green and Sustainable Living", the activity conveyed information about environmental protection to the seniors through games and songs singing, which captured their attention and enthusiasm. The activity lasted for 1.5 hours, and in the end, the volunteers distributed gift packs to each senior and took photos with them, creating cherished memories. The event concluded successfully, accompanied by laughter and applause.


Cinda International has always been committed to giving back to society and caring for the community, with the objective of making a positive impact. In the future, Cinda International will continue to organize social welfare activities to support those in need, while encouraging employees to actively participate in charity events and contribute to the development of a harmonious society.

"Get Moving" the seniors were led by the volunteer team to do warm-up exercises, and they were all full of health and vitality
"Group Photo" this highlighted the beautiful interaction and emotional connection between volunteers and seniors