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Combat Coronavirus Infection – Care for Neighbors

28-02-2020 10:00 HKT

Due to the dire situation of the recent epidemic, there is a shortage of anti-epidemic goods, which causes the unblessed to live in an abyss of misery. In response to an appeal made by Methodist Centre to help the disadvantaged such as elderly living alone, low-income families and non-ethnic Chinese families, etc., Cinda International collected resources from the community for onward transmission to people in need.


On 28 February 2020, Cinda International passed on the protective resources collected such as face masks, alcohol-based hand rub, alcohol and bleach, etc. to Wan Chai Methodist Centre for the Seniors, which would arrange for distribution to people in need to relief their urgent needs.


Cinda International commits to shoulder corporate social responsibility, cares for the disadvantaged and helps the needy in the society.


Mr. Dickson Lau, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Cinda International, passed on the protective resources collected to the representative of Wan Chai Methodist Centre for the Seniors.