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Cinda International – “Ideas of Recycle • Reuse” Competition

29-10-2018 12:00 HKT

To be in line with the Group’s “Recycle • Reuse” theme this year, the Group organized a competition named “Ideas of Recycle • Reuse” in August to exhibit the employees’ creativity and increase their attention to the importance of waste recycling and reuse. To encourage employees’ participation, the Group arranged a referendum to vote for the top 4 entries, and then the senior management decided the champion, the 1st runner-up, the 2nd runner up and the merit award accordingly. Participation prizes were granted to the remaining participants and 2 lucky colleagues among those who voted for the champion were also granted the voting prizes. Mr. Gong Zhijian, the Managing Director of Cinda International, presented awards to the winners earlier and they took pictures together.


Green life is attributable to everyone’s support by paying more attention and adding some thoughts. Then the earth will become more beautiful. Cinda International will continue to promote environmental protection and practice low-carbon living with the employees.

Mr. Gong Zhijian (left), the Managing Director of Cinda International, presented the award to the champion.
Winners and other participants took a photo with Mr. Gong Zhijian (the 3rd from the left) for memory.