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10th Anniversary Excursion

15-10-2018 12:00 HKT

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Cinda International and the Company organizes a series of activities to share the happiness with its employees, including the outing held on 6th October for the employees to have a happy weekend with their family members.


The destinations of the outing were Luk Keng in the northeast New Territories and King Fai Farm in Yuen Long, with a total of 124 participants which included Mr. Gong Zhijian, the Managing Director of the Company, Mr. Dickson Lau and Ms. Static Lau, the Deputy General Managers of the Company, the employees of the Company and their family members/friends. In the morning, participants started the journey by trekking from Luk Keng to Kuk Po Village and enjoyed the natural ecological scenery along the way. After lunch, they visited King Fai Farm in Yuen Long to experience the simple agrarian life.


Cinda International celebrates the 10th anniversary with its employees.  By organizing outdoor activities, the Company wishes the employees good health and enjoy a leisure holiday with their family members.

A total of 124 participants including the senior management and staff of Cinda International and their family members/friends took a photo for memory in Luk Keng.
Staff and their family members/friends enjoyed a lunch buffet.
Participants took a photo for memory in King Fai Farm.