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Cinda International awarded the 10 years Plus “Caring Company Logo” for three consecutive years

03-04-2018 12:00 HKT

Cinda International has been awarded the 10 years Plus “Caring Company Logo” from Hong Kong Council of Social Service for three consecutive years. The award recognised the Company’s continuous effort in caring to the community, their employees and the environment.


This year marks the 16th anniversary of Caring Company Scheme since its launch in 2002 and the number of organizations/companies awarded the logo has been increased from 259 (for the year 2002/03) to 3,697 (for the year 2017/18) among which about 210 organization/companies have been awarded for 15 years or more continuously. This reflects the public tends to care for the community, employees and the environment more precisely.


Cinda International persevered in active participation in various social and charitable activities and practising corporate social responsibility. Cinda International will continue to partake in such activities, and strike to deliver care for their employees, the environment and the community and to build a harmonious society with others.

Certificate of “Caring Company Logo”.