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Christmas Party

04-01-2017 11:00 HKT

To celebrate the joyful Christmas, a Christmas party was held by Cinda International on 22 December 2016 to enjoy the seasonal greetings with staff and account executives. The party was begun with a speech presented by the chairman and managing director of Cinda International, Mr. Gong Zhijian, and thereafter, the board members including Mr. Gong Zhijian, Mr. Lau Mun Chung (an executive director), Mr. Chow Kwok Wai (a non-executive director) together with Ms. Lau Yuk Ping (the group deputy general manager) and Mr. Liu Jialin (the managing director of Asset Management Department) took a group photo for memory. The party was packed with a lot of lucky draws and group games namely "Brainy Minds Competition" and "Lucky, Follow Me", participants were enthusiastic and demonstrated team spirit joyfully, the winning team got the prize in great delight. And the wonderful shows performed by the staff and management enhanced the atmosphere to the highest point. Everyone was rewarded in the party and the party was ended under a cheerful and joyful atmosphere.

Mr. Gong Zhijian, the chairman and managing director of Cinda International presented the speech.
The board members and the management took a group photo.
The board members, the management, the staff and the account executives toasted each other under a joyful atmosphere.
The management won the group game