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Cinda International ‘Caring Ambassadors’

27-08-2015 05:39 HKT

Cinda International actively partakes in social welfare activities, delivering social responsibility and practicing care to the community, its employees and the environment so as to contribute to the building of a harmonious society.


Cinda International has been awarded ‘Caring Company Logo’ by the Hong Kong Council of Social Services for nine consecutive years, and at the same time, the Company have nominated two employees, Vicky Ngai and Mendy Yeung of Administration Department to be the Caring Ambassadors for the year 2014, to recognize their active participation in various social welfare activities in the year, and they have successfully awarded the ‘Caring Ambassador’ certificates from the Hong Kong Council of Social Services.


To praise the awardees’ care to the community, their spirit of helping others and their active participation in the social welfare activities organized by the Company, Mr. Gong Zhijian, the Managing Director of Cinda International presented the ‘Caring Ambassador’ certificates to the two awardees and took photos with them.


Cinda International will partake the social welfare activities actively and continuously, and will also encourage its employees to partake in order to help those who need.


Mr. Gong Zhijian, the Managing Director of Cinda International (the 1st from the right) presented the certificates to Caring Ambassadors, Vicky Ngai and Mendy Yeung.