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Asset Management
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Cinda International Asset Management Limited ("CIAM") is a financial institution established in 1993 which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cinda International Holdings Limited. CIAM is a licensed corporation under the Securities & Futures Ordinance for Types 4 (Advising on securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management) regulated activities. 


CIAM is one of the core offshore platforms of our ultimate parent company, China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd and its group (“CINDA Group”) to develop onshore and offshore asset management business services and solutions. With full support from the business networks and resources of CINDA Group, our global vision, in-depth cross-border investment experience and efficient investment team, CIAM plays an important role in both China and global asset management areas platform. Our professional investment team with extensive asset management experience has successfully managed over one hundred various types of asset management projects. The accumulated asset under management of CIAM is over HK$6.1 billion. 


Asset Management 


By aligning CINDA Group’s resources across China with CIAM’s offshore platform in Hong Kong, we provide a wide range of asset management products and investment advisory services for our clients. Our products and services include CNY equity fund, offshore hedge fund, offshore funds for specific underlying projects and RQFII products, etc. These products and services can provide more investment opportunities and choices to both of our domestic or foreign investors and business partners.


Direct Investment


In addition to providing a wide range of asset management products for our clients, CIAM is also an arm of CINDA Group's foreign direct investment business. CIAM works and collaborates closely with CINDA Group on a range of direct investment projects. These direct investment projects cover various industries and businesses areas, such as domestic and foreign equity investment projects, debenture investment projects, mezzanine investments, IPO cornerstone investments and secondary equities and bonds market investments. Our direct investment projects mainly focus on all kinds of China business enterprises.


Fund Products


CIAM has extensive experience in managing different kinds of funds, which currently include five offshore funds and seven onshore CNY funds. Being one of the expert in fund management, CIAM has exhaustive experience in managing funds with different investment strategies involving various global capital markets and currencies. 


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